How Do I Choose the Best Family Pajamas?

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Choose the best family pajamas by taking into consideration each family member’s personal style, as well as the occasion you are buying pajamas for. Take your time in considering several different types of pajamas and their types of fabrics. Select the best family pajamas by focusing on comfort and, if necessary, the theme you are hoping to project when choosing pajamas.

Individual family members often have a sense of personal style, and each person’s preferences should be considered when purchasing family pajamas. When searching for pajamas that will match those of an entire group, it is a good idea to begin by considering what colors are favored and what styles most people in your family are the most likely to wear. While colors may not have to be a perfect match, buying family pajamas in colors that nicely blend together may help you make a good purchasing decision.

Prior to selecting pajamas for your family, consider the occasion for which you are purchasing these items. For instance, if buying holiday pajamas, you may assume that pajamas may only be worn once or twice per year and, therefore, it may not be as important to buy family pajamas that represent everyone’s personality. Special occasion pajamas like this can even be a little whimsical and your family may enjoy a lighthearted or campy theme for such pajama sets whereas the same may not be appreciated for everyday pajamas.


When shopping for the best family pajamas, you may find that some stores offer a wider selection of children’s pajamas than adult pajamas. If this is the case, you may want to consider online vendors that specialize in pajamas in the same style, but are featured in different sizes for the entire family. Often, making a purchase of family pajamas in this way is the fastest and easiest way to assure that each family member matches one another, if such is the desired effect.

Comfort should be a general rule when shopping for family pajamas. Keep in mind that pajama wearers need to be able to get a good night’s sleep and this may be difficult to do if pajamas are too tight or if the fabrics are not conducive to the weather conditions. To maximize comfort, select soft fabrics with light elastic, where necessary, and garments that are made from fabrics warm enough or cool enough to offer comfort through the night.



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@Scrbblchick --Um, yeah. Too right. I've seen the websites that have the creepy family photos, and the ones of the matching pajamas -- or matching anything, really, are just odd. Yeah, with really young kids, it's OK, but the whole concept of family pajamas sort of creeps me out.

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You wouldn't believe what ran through my mind when I saw this topic. It was along the lines of "pajamas for four people?" Call me weird.

Personally, I think choosing matching family pajamas borders on the ridiculous. I have seen pictures of families on Christmas morning, where everyone is wearing matching pajamas, and they're just strange. Seriously. They're weird. I can't imagine why anyone would want to do this. Maybe for very young twins, but not the whole family.

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