How Do I Choose the Best Facial Peel?

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The best facial peel will depend on the results that you are trying to achieve. It will also depend on personal circumstances, such as skin problems and lifestyle. Remember that skin tone may need to be factored into the decision. For best results, you should discuss your options with a professional before making a decision.

People consider facial peels for different reasons. Some use the procedures to improve the texture of their skin or simply to rejuvenate. Others use peels to address issues such as acne or scarring. Before you can select the best facial peel, you need to determine what your goals are. This will help to determine which products you should use and who should perform the procedure.

One difference between facial peels is that they are offered in varying concentrations. The acid content may range from 5 to 30 percent, for example. If you are using the procedure to address scarring, the concentration that is best for you will depend on the severity of your problem. More potent solutions are generally recommended for deeper scars. To access some of the most potent facial peel products, you may be obligated to have the procedure performed by a doctor.


Your lifestyle may also play a role in determining the best facial peel for you. As this procedure removes the top layers of skin, the new layers are more sensitive to sun. Individuals are strongly urged to remember to use sun protection and to avoid direct sunlight after they have the procedure performed. If your lifestyle requires you to be outside a substantial amount, a professional would likely urge you to avoid the more potent facial peels.

In addition to all the general information regarding which facial peel is best to achieve a certain result, you must consider your personal circumstances. If you are experiencing acne at the moment when you want to conduct the procedure, you need to factor that into the decision. Other circumstances that may influence your decision include having a history of cold sores and certain skin conditions, such as rosacea.

If the choice of the best facial peel for you was left to a doctor, it is very likely that he would take your skin tone into consideration. Different types of peels can present varying risks depending on the color of your skin. There are some peels, such as those with phenol acid, that dark-skinned individuals are recommended to avoid except in extremely pressing situations. Even then, those individuals who decide in favor of the procedure are usually thoroughly advised about the potentially adverse effects.



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