How Do I Choose the Best Face Scrub for Acne?

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Choosing the best face scrub for acne can depend on a number of factors. Typically, finding the right one for you will be a process of trying different scrubs to see what works best, but there are a few things you can consider to help guide your choices. Your skin type will likely be the most important thing to consider, as some scrubs are better for oily skin, dry skin, or sensitive skin, and a gentler scrub may be best if you have severe acne. Some scrubs contain medicated products, while others are all natural, so your personal preference in regards to the ingredients you use as well as how they affect your skin will likely come into play. You may also simply choose to make your own face scrub at home.

Before picking a face scrub for acne, you should evaluate your skin type to find one that best suit your needs. If you have oily skin, you will typically want to look for a product that is oil-free. For dry skin, you may wish to look for a scrub that specifies that it is non-drying or even contains moisturizers. People with sensitive skin or very severe acne will usually fare best using a product that is gentle and only minimally abrasive to the skin. In some cases, a scrub may simply be too aggravating for this type of skin and will actually make acne worse, so should probably be avoided.

Evaluating the ingredients in a face scrub for acne will also help you decide what is right for you. Scrubs may include medications like salicylic acid to help fight acne, which might work well for you but could also be too harsh on your skin if you are already using other medicated products. In that case, or if you simply prefer more natural options, you may wish to try a product that uses only natural exfoliants like peppermint or apricot.

A homemade face scrub for acne is another option you may wish to try. Common ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen, such as oatmeal, baking soda, and sea salt, can all be used to make a face scrub that is very good for acne. There are a number of websites which can provide recipes for scrubs. Not only can these homemade scrubs be very effective, but they are also typically cheaper than commercial products.



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