How Do I Choose the Best Face Cream for Dry Skin?

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When selecting a face cream for dry skin, it is important to read the ingredient labels as carefully as possible as many skin care products, even those from well-known and expensive brands, could contain ingredients that cause skin irritation, such as methanol or parabens. There are also a number of ingredients that you can look for to ensure that the cream will do its job. Some helpful ingredients include grapeseed oil, shea butter, and vitamins E and B5.

Inspecting the ingredient label for harmful additives may help you narrow your search and avoid purchasing an unsatisfactory face cream for dry skin. Fragrances and certain types of alcohol can be harmful to your skin. Alcohols including methanol, ethanol, and ethyl can cause skin to become dry and irritated, and fragrances are sometimes mixed with alcohols that can also dry the skin. Additionally, fragrances are often chemical-based and can be absorbed into the body by the skin.

Parabens and dioxanes are two common ingredients in face cream for dry skin that some consider may be more harmful than alcohol or fragrances. Dioxanes frequently are used in skin creams and lotions, but some research has shown that dioxanes may cause cancer. Parabens, used as a preservative to extend a skin care product’s shelf life, also have been linked to cancer as well as endocrine system interference and rashes. Carefully reading ingredient labels to ensure that a face cream does not include parabens or dioxanes is a very good idea.


Vitamins E and B5 are amongst the most beneficial ingredients in a face cream for dry skin. Redness, scaling, dryness, and itching are all skin problems that can be aided by a cream that includes vitamin B5, and the vitamin also has anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. Vitamin E may protect your skin against damage from ultraviolet light, extreme weather exposure, pollution, and drugs.

Some of the other ingredients to look for when purchasing face cream for dry skin include shea butter and both grapeseed and babassu oils. Shea butter traps moisture in the skin to prevent drying. Grapeseed and babassu oils are also ingredients that help the skin preserve moisture. A face cream that includes one or more of these ingredients would be very helpful for dry skin.

It is sometimes a good idea to consult a dermatologist when choosing face cream for dry skin. If the skin on your face is severely dry, a prescription-strength cream may be the most helpful moisturizer for you. After trying many types of skin care products, some people continue struggling to find a face cream that works for them. If you have tried a number of products and have not found any that are satisfactory, a trip to the dermatologist may be beneficial.



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