How Do I Choose the Best Eyeliner Style?

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Since 10,000 BC, when Egyptians lined their eyes with kohl, eyeliner has become an essential element in many people's daily makeup routine. The correct eyeliner style can enhance the plainest eyes and give a dramatic air to them by accentuating their shape and color. You can achieve the style you are looking for with eyeliner techniques and colors that can make your eyes appear larger, more glamorous or more awake and younger. Choosing the best eyeliner style is simply a matter of choosing which look you want to achieve.

To make your eyes appear bigger, on the top lid, start lining thinly at the inner corner of your lashes to the outer corner. Before reaching the outer corner, make a small wing by extending the line upward. Line the bottom lashes, but leave a bit uncolored at the inner and outer corner of the lashes. If you line the eyes all the way around, it will leave your eyes looking smaller.

To add glamor to your eyes, the line should be applied thinly and retraced again to make the line thicker. Starting with the top lid’s inner corner, line the eye to the outer corner. Make a wing by extending the line upward. In this case, however, you give the wing a more exaggerated flourish. Line the bottom lashes thinly from the inner corner of the lashes to the outer corner.


To make your eyes look more awake and younger, lighter colored eyeliner is used for the upper eyelashes, and a darker one is used for the lower lashes. Your upper eyelid line is drawn thinly from the inner corner to a thicker line ending with a small flourish. Line the bottom lid from corner to corner. The bottom line should be very thin to achieve the refreshed look you want.

Liquid, pencil and gel eyeliners are available. It is a matter of personal preference which type you prefer to use. It is recommended that you choose a shade of eyeliner that will enhance your particular eye color for the most eye-popping and dramatic eyeliner style. The darker colors, such as gray, brown and black, go best with blue eyes. Black, brown and purple eyeliners look good with hazel eyes, and brown eyes look their finest with brown, gray and blue eyeliners.

There are many eyeliner styles and types. You will discover that applying eyeliner will enhance your fashion look. If you would like a softer look, you can smudge your eyeliner to achieve it, but if you want a bolder look, a solid line is best. Find your eyeliner style by trying them one by one. A complex eyeliner style has to be practiced, but soon you will find the one that will define your look.



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