How do I Choose the Best Eyebrow Liner?

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When choosing eyebrow liner, take into consideration the condition of your eyebrows, your natural coloring, as well as the form of eyebrow liner that you prefer to work with. If you have any allergies or sensitivities, you may wish to select an eyebrow liner with a hypoallergenic formulation. Other considerations include brand preferences and accessibility to the type of eyebrow liner that you prefer.

For many people, the type of eyebrow liner they are most familiar with is the traditional eyebrow pencil. An eyebrow pencil is convenient and relatively easy to use. It can also double as an eyeliner. Some people believe that using an eyebrow pencil does not look as natural as using eyebrow powders, tints, or waxes, particularly if the user has to fill in patches when her eyebrows are extremely thin.

Eyebrow powders are an alternative to eyebrow pencils and are typically applied with a small stiff brush. While not as convenient as an eyebrow pencil, many prefer the type of control that they can have when using a powder, as they can build the amount and intensity of color on the brow. It is also easier to fill in gaps in the eyebrow. Some people also use a colored wax on the brow first, then covering it with eyebrow powder. This can provide very long-lasting results.

A third option is eyebrow tint that is sold in a tube with a mascara brush. The eyebrows are brushed into shape using the brush and are tinted with the eyebrow definer at the same time. Again, it can be tricky to learn to use this type of eyebrow liner, but once a user develops her application technique, eyebrow tint can be an effective and convenient addition to her cosmetics collection.

As both facial skin and the eyes can be very sensitive, it is extremely important that you use eyebrow cosmetics that do not contain ingredients that irritate you. If this is a major consideration for you, you may wish to purchase a sample size of an eyebrow liner and try it out before spending your money on a full-size version. If you find that an eyebrow definer or any other cosmetic irritates your eyes or your skin, stop using it immediately.

Many cosmetic users also find that they prefer to restrict their cosmetic purchases to specific brands. For example, you may find that a particular brand uses ingredients only that are safe for your skin or that their color range is particularly flattering to your complexion. As such, it may be to your advantage to select your eyebrow liner from a favorite brand's range, though you may also find that in some cases looking outside your favorite brand may lead you to the right eyebrow cosmetic for your needs.


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