How Do I Choose the Best Eye Makeup?

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To choose the best eye makeup, the first thing you should look for is quality. It's better to get fewer eye shadows, liners and mascara than to pick quantity over quality. Select eyeshadow colors that flatter your eye color. Eyeliner may not be necessary, but adding mascara can increase the flattering effects of eyeshadow. An eye shadow palette kit and mascara in your lash color can be all you need to enhance your eyes.

A powdered eyeshadow palette set of three or four colors that range from light to medium to dark shades should give you enough variety for a main eye color wardrobe. These eye makeup sets are usually designed for wearing the darkest shade on the outer edge and along the crease of the eye, the medium one on the eyelid and lightest color under the eyebrow. If you choose a palette of rich colors, wearing the shades together in this way can create a "smoky eye" effect for evening. A black-brown mascara can complete the sultry look. You may want to add a smoky-toned eyeliner pencil or crayon that is close in color to the darkest shade of the palette set.


If you do choose to use eyeliner, the deeper, smokier colors are typically much more flattering and sophisticated than jewel tones. Eyeliner that is too clear and bright in color may give a clownish appearance to the eyes, so this of course should be avoided. Deep, smudgy shades of midnight blue or plum can flatter many eye colors. Eye makeup shadow palettes that mix these shades with different intensities of browns or grays can be good choices for both sophistication and versatility.

Although mascara is available in blues, greens, plums and other colors, most people tend to be flattered more by natural shades of browns or blacks. If you want to experiment with fun eye makeup looks for the weekend, colored mascaras may be a good choice, but for job interviews and work situations especially, brown or black mascara can be a much better choice. Natural-colored mascara can complete the look of eyeshadow techniques to give you a finished appearance to your makeup. If your lashes are naturally skimpy rather than full, look for mascara designed to add a thicker appearance without clumping.

While it can be tempting to buy many cheap eye makeup products rather than a few more expensive, name brand cosmetics, it's always a good idea to choose quality shadows, mascaras and liners. Comparing the ingredients in cheap versus name brands can help you know for sure the value in both products to make a more informed choice. Quality makeup is not typically tested on animals and is also more likely to be easier to apply as well as last longer on the face.



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