How Do I Choose the Best Eye Makeup for Dark Skin?

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If you have a dark complexion, you have likely been frustrated when trying to choose eye makeup. One of the primary issues with finding eye makeup for dark skin is the lack of pigmentation in many lower-end, and even some high-end, products. Swatching eyeshadows and liners prior to purchasing them can give you a good idea of what they will look like on your eyes, and, when it comes to mascara test products, to find one that is a true black. Once you have found a brand that you love that sells highly-pigmented eye makeup, try to look for colors that complement your skin tone.

The amount of pigment that an eyeshadow or eyeliner has is extremely important when choosing eye makeup for dark skin. Pigmentation refers to how much color is actually contained in the product and whether or not the shade applies to the skin the same as it appears in the pan or pencil. A lack of this attribute is common in lower-end products. Prior to purchasing anything, it is a good idea to swatch the product on the back of your hand to determine how well it will show up on your skin tone.


Mascara can also be difficult to choose when looking for eye makeup for dark skin. In general, black mascaras will always be the best option, although even products labeled as black can have a gray cast to them, which can make them look awkward on those with dark complexions. When choosing this type of eye makeup for dark skin, look for products labeled as “true black,” “very black,” or “darkest black.” If possible, remove the wand from the tube and rub it on a clean piece of tissue. The product that rubs off should look completely black without any gray when held under a bright light.

No matter how pigmented a product is, you also need to keep your skin tone, whether cool or warm, in mind when choosing eye makeup for dark skin. When it comes to eyeshadow, rich shades in the berry and navy family often look best on those with cooler skin tones. If your skin tone is warm, corals, peaches, and warm shades of red are often ideal. For lighter colors, no matter what your skin tone, champagne or gold shades are often best, as they tend to be more pigmented and look less gray when applied to dark skin. Eyeliners in true blacks or very bright colors, such as green, purple, and navy, will also likely look best on a variety of dark skin tones.



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