How do I Choose the Best Expenses Software?

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Setting and managing a budget is a common task for most individuals and businesses. Accurately tracking expenses and income can be difficult, even for the most organized people. Fortunately, many vendors have developed expenses software to help people manage business expenses and their personal finances. Individuals and businesses may have similar needs in their financial software, so they should look for similar characteristics in products. The best expenses software is not expensive, easy to use and provides detailed reports and graphs.

Individuals and businesses should not choose software for managing expenses that is costly. Spreadsheet programs that are part of some office-productivity suites, can be used when tracking expenses, and some vendors offer basic versions of their premium products as free downloads from the Internet. For a low price or subscription fee, people can purchase expenses software that provides advanced budgeting features. Regardless of the type of system a person chooses, updates to these systems should be free or very inexpensive.


The best expenses software must also be easy to use. The program should be easy and intuitive when it comes to entering data and figures into the systems. Most people are familiar with spreadsheets, so these types of forms can be easy even for people who are not computer savvy. Some systems provide wizards that ask people to enter their data in fields and then populate predefined templates with this information. Some software may even import data from other systems to make the data-entry process quicker and easier.

Easily entering data into the system is important, but the best expenses software also provide useful graphs and reports based on that data. These programs should be able to calculate expenses and provide statistics on where the money is going each month. These reports should be detailed enough to help with monthly budgeting and planning. Any reports they generate, however, should be created in a usable format that can be easily read and understood.

These characteristics in an expenses software are important for individuals and business alike, but most business need more features in their systems. For most business users, a web-based system is needed so that employees can access the system from any location. The software may also need to be customizable so that employees follow all the company’s policies and procedures when it comes to expense reporting. The system may need to track employee reimbursements and vendor invoices. Many businesses also need a program that will keep historical data in case of any discrepancies or audits.



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For effective budget planning, it is important to understand how you spend your money and evaluate your overall spending areas. To do this, it is important to track expenses and spending.

I feel this can be made more efficient by using a software tool/solution, and investing in a solution to streamline business expense tracking and is inexpensive. It makes the tracking process more manageable as accurate reports can be generated with insightful graphs and statistical data. This makes it helpful to calculate monthly expenses.

I recommend Concur Breeze expenses tracking software that allows for efficient tracking of business expenses.

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