How do I Choose the Best Exercises for Upper Back Pain?

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To choose the best exercises for upper back pain, you will first want to determine what is causing the pain in the first place, so that you can identify exercises to target it. For example, if the pain is caused by poor posture or sitting hunched over a computer all day, you will want to choose exercises that stretch the muscles, open the chest, and strengthen the muscles that keep the spine straight. If the pain is caused by overworking the muscles, or by lifting heavy items all day, you will want to do the exercises for upper back pain that strengthen the muscles you use most frequently, as well as develop the muscles in the legs and arms that will help you lift things with proper posture.

The best exercises for upper back pain are often those that target the muscles throughout the entire body, even though it may seem strange to strengthen the legs or abdomen when dealing with pack pain. In fact, the entire body helps you maintain proper posture, and weak muscles anywhere can have an impact on the way you sit, stand, or walk, all of which can lead to pain. Of course, it is important to strengthen the muscles in the upper back as well, since these help maintain proper posture in the upper body, particularly in the shoulders and neck.


When choosing the best exercises for upper back pain, it is a good idea to opt for exercises that both stretch and strengthen the muscles. Often, overuse of the muscles or poor posture will cause the muscles in this area to become shorter and tighter, further contributing to a hunched posture; doing some backbends and stretches with the arms over the head and behind the body will help to release this tightness and open the chest. Go slowly when first starting these; many people find that a yoga practice can do wonders for upper back pain and improving posture.

Using weight machines at the gym, or even using free weights, to target the muscles of the upper back are some of the best exercises for upper back pain. Asking a trainer for specific exercises to target the back might also be helpful, and he or she can advise you on choosing the best exercises for upper back pain that can help to relieve the pain without making it worse. Be sure not to lift weights that are too heavy for you, which can cause damage to the back and require actual medical treatment.



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