How Do I Choose the Best Executive Housekeeper Jobs?

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Choosing the best executive housekeeper jobs typically involves doing research on the facility or household where you will be working as well as the compensation that you will be offered. You will also want to consider your own experience and whether you believe that you are a good match for a particular position. If you are reviewing executive housekeeper jobs in private households, you may wish to work with a placement service, as this may be a more effective way of finding the best opportunity for you. If you will be required to relocate, you will also want to make sure that you will be living in an area where you and your family will be happy.

The term “executive housekeeper” can be used to describe an individual who is in charge of housekeeping services in a public facility, such as an office building or a hotel. It can also be used to describe the chief housekeeper in a large home who will typically have supervisory responsibilities over several other staff members. In both cases, the executive housekeeper will typically be required to have significant experience in professional cleaning and housekeeping and may even be required to hold formal educational credentials.


If you are applying for executive housekeeper jobs in hotels, offices, or other facilities, you should consider the type of facility and whether it is of a size and configuration that you feel you can effectively manage. You may also want to think about the type of business that operates in the facility. For example, if you are considering a position at a health care facility, you will need to be concerned with issues of ensuring that housekeeping standards meet sanitation standards, which are often mandated by outside agencies. Another thing to ask about is the size of the staff that you will be expected to manage and whether you will be provided with an assistant.

Executive housekeeper jobs in private homes can be harder to find, because many people who are hiring for such a position will not advertise the position, but will work with a placement agency. These agencies specialize in matching household staff with owners of what are often large and expensive properties. In all cases, you can expect to undergo a rigorous background check, as you either be living in or have full access to the private home of your employers. As with any other job, you should ensure that you are comfortable with your employers and believe that you can effectively work with their current household staff members. You should also work with the agency to develop a fair compensation package that will provide you with both a salary as well as benefits such as paid time off and health insurance if you live in a country that does not have a national health care system.



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