How do I Choose the Best English Courses?

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People looking for English courses should consider why they want to take them and what they hope to gain from the course. They also should look at schedule or time limitations, as well as how they plan to travel to and pay for their classes. Education opportunities in English are available at a variety of levels and in locations ranging from community centers to college campuses. People can use numerous resources to find out about English courses in their area and determine which classes would be the best fit for their needs.

Some people take English courses because they are English language learners and want to learn English or improve their language skills. They should look for courses specifically geared toward people who are learning English. Libraries, community centers, and service organizations often offer English as a second language (ESL) training, and some colleges provide it as well.

Other people may have a good grasp on English, either because it is their first language or because they have completed ESL courses, and want English courses to improve their communication skills. People can take classes in essay writing, grammar, and other topics to polish their skills. They also may want to take short classes covering English for specific situations, like English for restaurant workers. These English courses may have prerequisites, like successful passage of a competency test or a requirement to have taken a previous class.


Advanced English courses are available to people pursuing English degrees at colleges and universities. These classes provide opportunities for literary analysis, explorations of the history of English, and topics like learning how to teach English. These classes are usually only available to registered students at a given academic institution and people may need to be in the English program to take high level classes. It is also usually necessary to complete prerequisites for these courses.

Once people identify the type of English courses they need, they should think about scheduling issues. People who need to work, take care of children, and perform other activities should map out a schedule of potential times when they could take courses, or talk to coworkers and family about providing coverage while they are in class. College students may need to consider balancing a course load and making sure they have time for everything. People should also think about where the classes are, and factor in travel time or factors like night classes than run later than the bus routes. They also want to consider cost, not just of classes themselves but also for travel, to make sure they can afford to complete the class.



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