How do I Choose the Best Energy Supplement?

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Before you can choose the best energy supplement, you must first determine the causes behind your lack of energy. There are a host of deficiencies and other conditions which may cause energy to wane, so attempting to find a one size fits all treatment will likely do nothing but waste your time and money. To discover any underlying causes for lack of energy, you should visit your doctor to discuss any symptoms you have and to undergo the appropriate tests. Then, he or she can help you find the best energy supplement for your needs.

One common cause of fatigue and lack of energy is an iron deficiency. Iron is found in most red meat and in dark green leafy vegetables. Those who do not eat enough of these foods may have low levels of iron in the blood. This may result in lower level of red blood cells and a condition known as anemia. The best way to choose the best energy supplement for low iron levels is to take an iron supplement or a multivitamin that contains iron. In some cases, both supplements may be taken together.


Vitamin B12 may also be the best energy supplement for you if your main problem is a slow metabolism and lack of focus. There are many reasons for this condition, so be sure you are given a clean bill of health by your doctor before you proceed. The most common causes for a slow metabolism are eating unhealthy foods, yo-yo dieting, and not getting enough exercise. To choose the best energy supplement for this condition, try eliminating harmful behaviors and taking a B12 or B complex vitamin supplement.

There are some vitamin blends, shakes, and powders on the market which claim to contain multiple ingredients to help boost energy. Even if you do not have a deficiency, the human body can usually benefit from dosages of most vitamins in amounts much higher than the recommended daily allowance. Keep in mind that not all vitamins and minerals follow this rule, so always check with a doctor or pharmacist before using any supplement or vitamin blend. To choose the best energy supplement among these items, you should try various options and see which ones give you more of an energy boost during the day.

Most of the time, energy shakes and blends are safe, but you should always read the ingredients carefully. Some products may contain stimulants like caffeine or even dangerous ones like ephedrine. In most cases, these stimulants will only keep you awake at night; however, some can cause serious health problems like heart attack and arrhythmia.

Although pregnant women are often plagued with extreme fatigue and sluggishness, it is very important that they do not start any new supplement without first consulting their doctor. A physician trained in pregnancy and delivery would be best, because he or she will better understand the effects certain drugs may have on an unborn child. Certain herbs, for instance, can cause preterm labor, and certain vitamins when taken in supplement form have been linked to birth defects.

The best way to regain energy is to eat energy-enhancing foods like fruits and vegetables. By giving the body all the ingredients it needs to stay healthy, energy and vitality should come naturally. Exercise is another good option because the more you exercise, the higher the metabolism will be. If dietary and physical activity changes do not produce any results, or fatigue worsens, consult your doctor to be sure an underlying condition is not to blame.



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