How do I Choose the Best Energy Management Services?

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The best energy management services provide a combination of solutions designed to decrease energy loss and increase the efficiency of energy usage. The popularity of energy management services has increased dramatically in the past few years, due to the increased profile of environmental issues. There is a wide range of clients interested in reducing their total energy costs, ranging from the manufacturing sector to the construction industry.

The first item to consider when looking at the different energy management services is the qualifications of the staff. There is no degree or diploma program that specifically addresses energy management. However, issues related to overall energy use and efficiency are standard in most civil engineering programs. The most important qualification for someone in this type of organization is the ability to accurately measure the energy output and apply his or her professional experience to increase the overall efficiency of the energy program.

Before engaging any energy management services firm, take the time to document your actual issues or challenges. Talk with staff members about where they see energy being wasted and consult with equipment manufacturers and other sources on ways to save energy. Write a list of requirements and optional features or items that you would like to have addressed by the energy management services firms.


An excellent example is a high speed packaging machine. These units require very high heat to seal the packages. The vendor may have suggestions to reduce the heat required or minimize the energy lost to maintain the required heat levels.

Provide the project scope to at least three energy management services firms. Ask for written quotations that document the total project scope, overall cost, and time line required. Many firms provide a breakdown of the milestones of this type of project so everyone understands the project status.

Ask for and check at least five business references. This should include a copy of a report or proposal provided by the firm to a client. The name of the client can be removed, but the overall report should be available as a sample. Look at the quality of the writing, the ideas suggested, and the support for any conclusion or recommendations.

The language used should be clear, concise, and not overly technical. Any jargon used should be defined and any key points explained in detail. Avoid firms that provide technical documentation not written for a business audience. This is a commonly used technique to hide a lack of detail. Remember that the purpose of the report is to provide a series of options to the business management. If the report is not written for the appropriate audience, it is not properly done.



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