How do I Choose the Best EMT Continuing Education Courses?

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As an emergency medical technician (EMT), you will need quality continuing education to gain and maintain an emergency medical services (EMS) certification. You can find EMT continuing education courses from medical colleges, community or technical colleges, organizations for medical professionals, your local medical licensing agency or online colleges. Which continuing education option is best for you depends on what you hope to get out of your continuing education. To choose the best EMT continuing education courses, you must consider your career goals in the medical field, your current level of education and your needs as a student.

To start a career in EMS, you will need to choose EMT continuing education that not only trains you in the medical techniques that EMTs use but also adequately prepares you for working in this fast-paced career. When choosing EMS courses that train you to work as an EMT, look for rigorous continuing education classes that include a thorough knowledge of emergency medicine. The best EMT courses are rigorous because EMTs need to recall the details of emergency medical techniques at a moment’s notice. Often, EMT continuing education classes offered by a university or medical technical college are the best ones for those starting a career in EMS.


If you already work in EMS and wish to become an EMT, it is very important that you take EMT continuing education courses from an accredited educational facility. The best EMT classes should prepare you to take licensing exams, and a college that is accredited by the EMS licensing board in your area will best be able to prepare you for these exams. You might be able to find continuing education options listed on your local EMS licensing board’s website. Many organizations for EMS professionals will also list EMS continuing education options on their website.

When searching for EMT continuing education, it is also important to keep in mind your own learning needs. The best EMS classes will fit into your schedule. Online continuing education can be very helpful if you are already working in the medical field, because online classes can be taken on your own time. Many technical colleges also offer night classes or weekend classes so that EMS professionals can get the EMT continuing education they need in order to maintain certification or further their careers. As always, make sure the online college that provides your EMT continuing education is accredited and can provide you with a certificate of completion.



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