How Do I Choose the Best Elliptical Rental?

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If you plan to rent an elliptical, then you should consider both the piece of exercise equipment and the company in charge of renting it out. You may want to make sure the elliptical you want will fit in your home and that you will comfortably fit on the machine. Available features also are a consideration and may include training programs, a holder for your water bottle and the ability to track the number of calories you have burned during your workout. An additional concern that is somewhat unique to an elliptical rental is the shape it is in, because many rentals have been used by others for months or even years.

Before you start your search for an elliptical rental, you may want to think about where you will put it once you get it home. This includes thinking about where you would most like to work out, taking into account whether you want to watch television or listen to music while exercising. Once you decide on the best area for the elliptical rental, it could be helpful to measure the space to be sure the equipment fits easily — at full stride — without hitting any walls or furniture in the room. The elliptical needs to be large enough to comfortably fit your body, but not so large that it forces you into an unnatural stride that could lead to an injury. Renting one that is too small also can be a problem.


Many ellipticals have a few convenient features that you may appreciate, with a place to hold a water bottle being one of the most basic. Some of the newer ellipticals use technology that allows you to track your heart rate or plug in your personal music player so you can control the songs through the elliptical's digital screen. If you want to make sure your workout stays challenging over time, you may want to look for an elliptical rental that allows you to increase the resistance or create a customized program that incorporates hill climbing into the routine. In addition, it may be helpful to choose a machine that allows you to enter your weight so you can keep track of the calories you burn during each workout.

Renting fitness equipment often means the machine you get has been used before, so you may want to check the condition of the machine. A trial use of the elliptical rental before signing any contracts may help you determine whether it feels sturdy enough to safely use. If you hear any squeaks or odd noises or notice any of the features not working, then you should either choose a different elliptical rental or request that it be fixed before you take it.



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