How do I Choose the Best Eating Disorder Treatment Centers?

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Having an eating disorder can be a painfully frustrating experience for anyone who suffers from this problem. However, there are effective eating disorder treatment centers that have programs specially designed to help patients identify, learn coping skills and in many cases eliminate eating disorders. Choosing quality eating disorder treatment centers with programs based on the individual type of eating disorder and managing a wellness plan for the patient and the family are the keys to improving the overall outcome of the treatment program.

In the case of patients dealing with anorexia nervosa, which is displayed as an overwhelming avoidance of eating or going long periods of time without adequate nutrition, it will be beneficial to choose in-patient eating disorder treatment centers that teaches the positives of healthy eating combined with medical care. Many patients coping with anorexia nervosa experience a fear of food and have a distorted view of the physical body therefore, a home-based program will not be adequate. An in-patient treatment center that reinforces healthy body image, regular eating habits and personal accountability alongside close medical care will be a good choice.


The eating disorder bulimia nervosa is a combination of binge eating followed by intense feelings of guilt and periods of starvation. For this disorder, outpatient eating disorder treatment centers that can help patients cope with the psychological issues are an important aspect of the treatment plan. In addition, it is generally a good idea that those with bulimic tendencies be taught how the compulsion to overeat or purging can be avoided for a more healthy future. Following a brief hospital stay which can include a complete physical and mental evaluation, a patient will benefit most from individual therapy which can be supplemented by group therapy or counseling that includes family members.

In many cases, eating disorders are based on deep-seated emotional issues that stem from childhood traumas, abuse or low self-esteem. Getting to the root of the original issue can often be an effective way to treat the resulting behaviors for more positive results. When choosing eating disorder treatment centers, it’s a good idea to ask how the center handles the care of the psychological aspect of the disorder and how follow up care will be carried out once the initial evaluation and treatment is provided.

Eating disorder recovery takes time, just as any other form of compulsion or self-inflicted harm. Choosing eating disorder treatment centers that provide direct care of the patients as well as support and therapy for the entire family is the best approach. When considering what eating disorder treatment center to utilize, it’s good to ask about support therapy for the family so that all may find ways to support and improve the environment for the patient following care.



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