How Do I Choose the Best Early Childhood Development Resources?

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To choose the best early childhood development resources, consider what area of child development you are looking into, what you intend to do with the resource, and how reliable the resources are. The topic of early childhood development covers many areas, and some resources may be specific to one area, so it is important to know what kind of information you are looking for. Similarly, resources can be used by many different people and in many different ways, so determining your particular goal will help you to decide which resource will serve you best. You will most likely still find many resources, so the next step to picking the right ones is to decide how reliable each resource is.

Early childhood development resources can come from various organizations, including those that focus on social and emotional development as well as informational campaigns geared towards developing healthy eating habits. Think about the specific area within early childhood development that you are interested in and look for a resource that matches that topic. For example, if you need help with something such as abnormal development in early childhood, you can often find a local agency that deals with that issue. The closer a resource is to your specific needs the better it will be able to serve you.


Not only are there different early childhood development resources for different developmental areas, there are also different resources available for different types of people. One resource may be aimed at helping early childhood educators stay informed and to come up with creative curriculum ideas. Another resource might be intended to help the parents of young children understand important developmental milestones and to educate them about the best care practices. Think about your role in early childhood development and what your goal is. If you are taking on more of a professional role, then look for a resource that caters to that. If you are a parent, look for resources that are geared towards that perspective.

The number of available early childhood development resources can be overwhelming, but the possibilities can be narrowed by eliminating any resources that don't come from the most reliable sources. A resource that comes from a manufacturer, store, or other group that sells something should only be used with caution. Opinions and information from sources like these can sometimes be biased in order to stay in line with the company's philosophy or message. A government agency or non-profit organization may be the most reliable resources because its goal is to inform and help as many people as possible.



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