How do I Choose the Best Ear Specialist?

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Consider several factors when choosing the best ear specialist. You will want an ear doctor who comes highly recommended and is trained to deal with your medical issues. A few different types of ear specialist exist, so you may want to research their medical expertise and education.

To find the best ear specialist, you will want to go to your family physician and ask if he or she recommends any specific ear doctors in your area. Your regular doctor may know an ear specialist or be able to give you a list of medical practices that specialize in the ear issue you are dealing with. Your doctor may also know which ear specialist will take your health insurance as well.

An otolaryngologist, also known as an ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT), may be able to help you with your medical problem. These doctors go to medical school, but are trained specifically to deal with problems and diseases associated with the ear. They often know how to treat ear issues and can perform some ear surgeries when needed.

An otologist is an ENT doctor that has received extended medical training for inner ear problems. These doctors often deal with sudden hearing loss by trying to find the reason and then treating the diagnosis. Not many doctors are trained in otology, so it could be difficult to find an otologist close to home.


If you are trying to find an ear specialist for your child, you may want to consider a pediatric ENT doctor. Pediatric ear doctors complete medical training for children and the ear. Your child's regular pediatrician may be able to help you find a good pediatric ENT doctor in your area.

Once you have a list of ear specialists that may be able to help you with your medical condition, you should research each one to see where his or her practice is located. It is important to choose an ear doctor that will be easy to get to, especially if you anticipate several visits. A doctor close by will also help manage the time each appointment will take out of your schedule.

You may want to consider ear specialists that friends and family have seen before. A friend may be able to recommend a doctor that has a good bedside manner and history of treating ear illnesses. It is best to find an ear specialist that shows kindness and patience to his patients.



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