How Do I Choose the Best Dyslexia Strategies?

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Dyslexia is an umbrella term that describes a number of possible learning disorders that make it challenging for individuals to read, write, or use or understand numbers. An individual with dyslexia might leave out words when reading a passage or confuse words that sound or look alike. Dyslexia strategies are methods that individuals with dyslexia can use to function regularly and overcome related challenges. To choose the best dyslexia strategies, you should first learn exactly where you are having comprehension problems. A good way to do this is to sit down with a professional counselor or tutor and discuss why you believe you are having problems.

If dyslexia strategies are required to accommodate the learning needs of a child, the best thing to do is to speak to a teacher. In some schools there are special programs for students who have dyslexia. These educational programs might engage young people in special reading lessons in which new vocabulary terms are introduced slowly. To help students with writing, instructors might have students participate in special copying exercises in which different lines of text are written in different colors so that students with dyslexia have an easier time seeing where letters begin and end.


It is important that students with dyslexia learn how to pay extra attention to their problem areas. For instance, if a student consistently omits words when reading or copying text, he or she should know the importance of checking his or her answers again and again. Simply having awareness of a problem is one of the most effective dyslexia strategies.

For adults, the best way to find dyslexia strategies is to use resources that you trust. Websites and books can provide you with plenty of information about tips for success. Online forums enable individuals with dyslexia to share their own strategies with others. For example, if you sometimes have difficulty telling left from right, you might find a list of helpful tips, such as wearing a bracelet on your right arm.

Individuals who need dyslexia strategies for the workplace when it comes to written communication should get used to using spell check tools on their word processor programs. This tool enables you to find errors you might otherwise overlook. Keep in mind, however, that spell check might not always catch your errors. If you commonly confuse "there" and "their," for example, spell check might overlook your mistakes since both words are spelled correctly, but are used differently. If you feel comfortable with your coworkers and supervisors, you might even want to inform them that you have dyslexia, so that they can be aware of errors you might make.



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