How Do I Choose the Best Dry Skin Therapy?

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Dry skin is a common problem for many people. This condition can be quite uncomfortable, so choosing the best dry skin therapy is important. People with dry skin may need to alter their showering habits, and they should choose a specially formulated moisturizer to keep their skin hydrated. Drinking adequate amounts of water is also believed to relieve dry skin.

One of the first thing to look at when trying to choose the best dry skin therapy is showering habits. Since prolonged exposure to very hot water can dry skin out, dermatologists recommend taking warm showers. It is also important to limit the time spent in the shower. Ideally, a shower should last no longer than 10 or 15 minutes.

Your soap could be another cause of your dry skin. Regular body soaps can strip skin of necessary oils, which can create dry, flaky skin. As a part of your dry skin therapy, it is essential to choose the right soap. A mild soap is good, but a mild moisturizing soap is better.

The right moisturizer should also be applied as soon as possible after showering as a part of your dry skin therapy. Like the soap, this should be a mild moisturizer. Preferably, it should also be one with natural ingredients, like cocoa or shea butter, since harsh chemicals can dry out your skin even more. Conditioning skin with special dry skin products will help rehydrate your skin as well as keep the moisture in.


If you have dry skin on your face, you should use a moisturizer specifically for this area. Facial moisturizers are typically a little lighter and less greasy than body moisturizers. Dry skin therapy for severely dry or cracked hands or feet is also important. Generally, heavy balms and creams are recommended for these areas.

Dermatologists also encourage moisturizing sun blocks as part of dry skin therapy. The sun protection factor (SPF) on sun block should be no lower than 15, but a much higher SPF is preferable. The ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun can be very harmful to unprotected skin, and may make dry skin even worse. This sunscreen should be applied every day that you will be going outside. If you are going swimming, there are also waterproof sunscreens available.

Keeping your body hydrated is also important part of therapy for dry skin. This means drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. You should drink more than this, however, if your skin is extremely dry, or if you will be out in the sun or exercising for long periods of time.



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