How Do I Choose the Best Drug Addiction Support Group?

Generally, a local drug addiction support group that doesn’t require much travel and provides a comfortable environment for you to discuss your drug abuse problems is the best choice. For some, finding a drug addiction support group is more difficult than choosing the best one, and these people often seek help from online support groups or groups designed for other substance abuse problems. Not every support group is right for every individual, so attend a few meetings before making a final decision. Keep in mind that fighting addiction takes more than just attending drug addiction support group meetings. Unless you’ve already received treatment, think about substance abuse treatment programs, too.

Often, community health and mental health centers host support groups. Check with these facilities first, as their counselors can direct you to appropriate local resources. Depending on your location, you might live near a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) support group. If your area has neither a local drug addiction support group nor an affiliation with a larger group such as NA, an Alcoholics Anonymous group might suffice. While it’s best to attend meetings designed to provide support for drug addiction, some areas lack a variety of groups and an alcohol-related group might allow people with drug abuse problems.


If there are no groups in your area or within a reasonable traveling distance, consider an online drug addiction support group. Some online groups offer live chats at specific times, or keep chat rooms open for people to enter at their convenience. Other kinds of online support groups rely on static, forum-type platforms, so having a real-time conversation with someone might not be possible. Since the dynamics of online support groups are different from those of traditional groups, your personal drug abuse problem will play a role in whether an online group can provide enough support. Still, an online group can act as a helpful supplement to a more conventional, in-person group.

Think of your first couple of meetings with a certain drug addiction support group as an interview period. Pay attention to the environment, the other attendees, and the overall mood of the meeting. Take note of how you feel during and after the meeting, and do this for several meetings. Drug addiction isn’t a pleasant topic, and it’s difficult for many people to admit their problems and talk about them with others. Still, the help you receive from these meetings should overpower any level of discomfort you feel talking about your drug abuse problems or listening to others talk about their battles with drug addiction.

Depending on your situation, an actual drug treatment program might work better for you than a drug addiction support group. If you’ve never received treatment for your drug addiction or you can’t stop using drugs even after you start attending meetings, consider an inpatient or outpatient substance abuse program. Typically, such programs include everything from detox services to support group meetings.



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