How Do I Choose the Best Dried Hydrangeas?

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In order to select the best dried hydrangeas, there are a number of things a buyer should look for. First, the flowers should be uniform in shape and free from any obvious signs of damage. The color of the flowers should also be considered because these flowers come in many hues and shades. Deciding whether to use dried hydrangeas that have been air-dried or those that have been chemically dried also makes a difference in the quality and safety of the flowers.

The quality of dried hydrangeas can vary considerably from flower to flower. Some of the flowers may have wilted slightly before the drying was complete and others may have broken apart during transport. In order to choose the best dried hydrangeas, a buyer should examine the flower carefully for any signs of damage. The flower should be round and covered with many blossoms.

One consideration when choosing the best dried hydrangeas is whether to choose flowers that have been dried naturally or through the use of chemicals. Naturally dried hydrangeas are often light in color because the flowers are allowed to dry slightly and lose some of their vibrancy before they are cut from the plant. Though these flowers may not be as stunning, they are non-toxic and safe to keep around pets and small children.


Alternatively, a person can choose dried hydrangeas that were cut from the plant at the peak of their color and then dried with either silica or borax. These chemicals, which are in the form of a powder when they are used to dry hydrangeas, pull the moisture from flowers quickly, preserving the flower and the colors in them. The colors in these hydrangeas are much more vibrant than the colors seen in flowers that have been naturally dried. The flowers may, however, contain trace amounts of silica or borax, chemicals that are hazardous if swallowed, so they need to be kept well out of reach of children and pets.

Color is another consideration with choosing the best dried hydrangeas. These flowers come in many different colors, including green, white, blue, purple, and pink. There is also a great deal of variety when it comes to the depth of color seen in hydrangea flowers. Determining which colors to use is often a matter of personal choice. The flowers could be selected to complement the current color scheme in a room or they could provide a color accent.



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