How Do I Choose the Best Dreadlocks Wig?

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A dreadlocks wig is a hairpiece that makes the wearer appear to have dreadlocks, which are matted ropes of hair. To choose the best dreadlocks wig, you should first decide whether you want a wig more suitable for a costume party or one to wear every day. If the wig is for a novelty purpose, such as a party, getting the right fit and style becomes less important. A wig for daily wear, however, should be properly fitted and matched to your hair color as closely as possible.

Though dreadlocks is a hairstyle that has commonly been worn in the Middle East for centuries, it usually is associated with Jamaica because of the Rastafarians. This religious group that formed in Jamaica during the first part of the 20th century popularized the hairstyle. If you want a novelty wig that is part of a Rastafarian costume, you can generally find inexpensive varieties in costume and wig shops. You could also purchase dreadlocks hair extensions to add individual dreads to your hair without using a full wig. If you want a professional wig that looks like it is your hair, you should purchase a lifelike wig or have one custom made.


If you do not need the wig to pass for your real hair, the length is not as important. Some people wear a dreadlocks wig to give the impression they have had their hair done in dreads. Others do not care that some people who know them might realize they are wearing a wig. Dreadlocks wigs come in a variety of colors and lengths, so you can choose the style that suits you best. Most wigs will not have extremely short dreads because shorter locks make it a little harder to hide the wig lining and pass the wig off as real hair.

A good fit is usually the most important aspect of choosing a dreadlocks wig. A professional dreadlocks wig should probably be fitted at a specialty wig shop. Even if you slip the wig on your head and it seems to fit, it will fit differently when your hair is properly secured inside it. A wig shop usually will have staff who can put you in front of a mirror and show you how to use the tail of a comb to slide stray hairs into the cap or the wig to get the most natural look. The wig should feel snug but not uncomfortable, and can be hair-pinned in place so you can feel more confident wearing it.

Most novelty dreadlocks wigs are made from synthetic fibers, but you can typically purchase lifelike wigs made from either synthetic or real hair as well. Synthetic dreadlocks wigs almost always cost much less than real hair. Caring for a dreadlocks wig is also usually easier if it is synthetic. Today's synthetic wigs typically look as natural as real hair to the untrained eye and require much less maintenance than those made from human hair to stay looking good.



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