How Do I Choose the Best Drainage Specialists?

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Homeowners who experience drainage problems such as basement flooding or water damage will usually need the services of drainage specialists to remedy the problem. When this is the case, it's critical to find a specialist who is experienced and capable of effectively fixing the problem long term. Since inexperienced drainage specialists can potentially do more harm than good, it's important to find the right contractor. Following several guidelines should make it possible for most homeowners to hire quality specialists. These include finding someone with experience, references, insurance and competitive pricing.

Solid experience is one the most important qualities to look for when comparing drainage specialists. Since fixing drainage systems is often an involved process, it's vital to find someone who knows what he's doing. Thousands of dollars' worth of damage might occur without the right know how. Therefore, a homeowner should make sure that any potential contractor has been in business for at least five years and specializes in fixing drainage problems. Homeowners should be wary of contractors who only work on drainage problems on the side.

Another important thing to look for when hiring drainage specialists is the availability of references. No matter how qualified a contractor might claim to be, it's crucial to actually see a list of references. From there, the homeowner should personally contact at least three of those references and ask about job performance. Doing so should provide a better idea about the specialist's abilities and work quality.


Insurance is also extremely important when it comes to finding a contractor. Any legitimate contractor will have insurance to keep him and his clients monetarily safe from potential accidents. One problem that homeowners often run into is a contractor who merely performs a "quick fix" that doesn't completely solve the problem. As a result, there are sometimes more problems only a few months later on. In most cases, homeowners should be covered for at least two years after the job is completed.

Competitive pricing is an additional factor to look for in drainage specialists. Since the costs of each job usually vary, it can be difficult to gauge who is being honest in his cost estimate. As a result, homeowners should always call around and get the opinion of at least three separate specialists. Each specialist should come to the location to physically inspect the problem rather than merely guessing over the phone. Doing so should make it possible to spot honest specialists and help homeowners find the most reasonable deal.



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