How Do I Choose the Best Douche System?

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When choosing a douche system, it is important that you select one that will not disrupt the natural environment and acidity of the body cavity being rinsed. Any douche system that consists of a solution that contains dyes and perfumes should be avoided. Ideally, you should use only water and a mild soap for cleansing to avoid irritation, bacterial vaginosis, and other health problems that have been linked to regular douching.

Although the term "douche" can be used to refer to the rising of any body cavity, it is usually used to refer specifically to vaginal douching. Medical professionals often advise against women regularly using a douche system because the acidic environment in the vagina has its own cleaning process. If you are experiencing irritation or a strong odor, that could mean something is wrong and you should contact your physician or gynecologist immediately for an exam and testing. Regularly using a douche system can actually increase the chance of infection.

The only time you should use a douche system is when a physician advises it. In those cases when a doctor recommends you douche, you should use a douche system that is free of dyes and perfumes. There are medical douches that are occasionally recommended by gynecologists to relieve bacteria-related irritation and itching. An antiseptic douche system that can successfully kill vaginal bacteria and may be suggested in some cases.


If you do douche, you should choose a system that is disposable or can be completely and thoroughly cleaned. The nozzle through which water flows from the douche system can also transmit bacteria or yeast into the vagina, causing an infection. Douching may also push any bacteria in the vagina up into the uterus or fallopian tubes, causing a more serious illness. You should also stick to water or a very mild soap solution; anything stronger could cause irritation and inflammation.

It is a common belief among health professionals that the vagina should be left to clean itself. The mucous the vagina makes naturally cleans and washes away vaginal discharge and semen. It is important to know that even clean and healthy vaginas may have a mild odor. You can keep the outer vaginal area healthy and clean by simply washing with mild soap and water. To avoid irritation, you should also avoid using other scented feminine hygiene products.

If you have vaginal discharge, pain, or odor, douching may simply cover up the odor and could make the issue worse. It is important that you contact a medical professional if you have thick white, yellow, or green discharge. You should also seek medical attention if you experience pain during urination or sexual intercourse, which could be signs of a serious infection or a sexually transmitted disease. Avoid douching prior to seeing your doctor as it could make diagnosis more difficult.



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