How do I Choose the Best Dog Bite Attorneys?

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When you are looking for dog bite attorneys, finding someone who has experience with this type of case is very important. Animal attacks fall under the category of personal injuries, but the damage a dog can cause to a human is different from other causes. A dog bite victim can find a legal representative by checking the local Yellow Pages, contacting the state Bar Association or going online to review local attorney web sites.

Qualified dog bite attorneys are practitioners who work in the area of civil litigation. When you meet with one, you will be asked to describe the events leading up to the attack, as well as the event itself. In doing so, the attorney is attempting to get an idea of the extent of the injuries, which include a physical and an emotional component. The attorney will need to see detailed medical reports about the injuries, as well as the bills for the services provided. He or she will use this information to determine the extent of your damages and how much compensation you should be seeking.


Many lawyers advertise in the Yellow Pages, and this can be a good starting point to finding dog bite attorneys in your area. Some firms have paid for a larger ad and you can review these to get an idea of how long the attorney has been practicing before you call. If you decide to contact a lawyer who has listed his or her name, address and phone number only, make a point of asking for this important information at your initial meeting.

Another good strategy for finding dog bite attorneys is to get in touch with the state Bar Association. This organization should be able to provide the names and contact information for personal injury lawyers in your area. The Bar Association is not recommending a particular lawyer in providing some names in response to your query. You will still need to interview a prospective lawyer to determine whether you would be comfortable having that person represent you.

Going online is another way to find a personal injury lawyer. Conducting an Internet search for "dog bite attorneys" and your city or town will bring up results that you can click through to find someone who has this type of practice. Make a point of checking out the online biographies of attorneys you are considering to get to know something about them before you schedule a meeting to review your case.



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