How Do I Choose the Best Disposable Razors?

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With the large variety of disposable razors on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one, whether you’re a man or a woman. In most cases, you can pick the best product simply by looking at the razor itself and reading the description on the packaging. Try to find a razor that has several blades, a movable head, and some sort of cushion or moisturizer built into it. If you shave regularly, it can also be a good idea to look at the handle to see if the razor will be comfortable to use.

The amount of blades disposable razors have typically determine how close of a shave they will produce, and how likely they will be to cause razor burn. Unless you have extremely durable skin, or only use a razor to shave a very small portion of your body such as your upper lip, a razor with three to five blades will be best. You can look at the razor head itself to count the blades when making a purchase, although most packaging indicates how many blades that the razor has.


Once you’ve found a selection of razors with several blades, take a look at the space between the blade head and the handle. If it is all one piece, the razor typically does not have a movable head, which can make shaving curved areas, such as the jaw or around the ankles, difficult. When the razor head and the handle are connected by a separate piece, this typically means that it will naturally move over your skin even when you go over curves or angles, giving you a closer, safer shave. If you are having a difficult time telling if the disposable razors have movable heads, read the description of the products on the packaging.

Even the most durable skin can become irritated by disposable razors, especially if you shave regularly. For this reason, you should look for a product that has some type of cushioning around the blades or on one end of the razor head. This strip or cushion typically contains moisturizing ingredients, and helps to smooth the skin and reduce irritation directly after the razor blades have cut down the hair. Choosing disposable razors with this feature is relatively easy: if there is only plastic around the blades, it does not have a cushion. The moisturizing strip or cushion is typically a different color than the rest of the razor, and easy to spot when inspecting potential options.

In most cases, the blades, razor heads, and cushioning are the most important parts of choosing disposable razors. Despite this, for those who shave large portions of their body, or even just one area on a daily basis, looking at the handle before making a decision can be helpful. Disposable razors with a thicker, curved handle are typically more comfortable to use. Although this is not a large part of choosing this type of product, it can make the difference between an effective shaving item and a great one.



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