How do I Choose the Best Discount Textbooks?

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To help with the cost of school books, many students turn to discount textbooks to make the financial burden easier to bear. Discounted books can be found in a variety of ways, both online and on your school's campus. You should start by checking with your school's bookstore to discuss payment options, and find out where other students may be offering textbooks at discounted prices. Online stores and swaps may also offer a route to obtaining discount textbooks.

Start by visiting your school bookstore to discuss payment options or the availability of discount textbooks that you may purchase. Although this option isn't always available, some schools may be willing to work with students regarding payment of books and other supplies. Even if you can't get your books at lowered prices, you may be able to negotiate a payment plan that works for you and your budget.

If no payment options are available, the next place to look is with current or former students who may be selling used books. Books that have already been used are generally less expensive than brand-new items, and can often by found by checking with school bulletin boards or by looking through a used bookstore near the campus. These books tend to get purchased quickly, so it is best to look early.


In some cases you may be able to find discount textbooks by searching online at various stores which offer textbooks from around the country. These may be used, but instead of being limited to your immediate area, you can take advantage of used books from various locations. The selection is often much larger than local bookstores, so you may have better look finding the exact book you need.

Keep in mind that sometimes book requirements change from one semester to another. To ensure that you are purchasing the correct books for your classes, make sure that editions of popular textbooks have not been changed or upgraded over the summer. Check all authors, edition numbers, titles, and publishers when choosing discount tex books. You should also consider that some books may come with compact discs or software which may require an access code for use. These codes can often only be used once, therefore rendering a used version useless.

You should also consider the condition each book is in before making purchase, since sometimes a very used book may not warrant the price difference in comparison to buying new. Keep in mind that financial aid may help with the cost of textbooks when you purchase new items. This can help to keep the out of pocket cost of new books low.



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