How do I Choose the Best Discount Online Drugstore?

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Choosing the best discount online drugstore requires some research. Consumers usually have to shop around to find the best prices, as medication prices may vary widely from drugstore to drugstore. To find the best prices, many people compare prices at online drugstores both with other Internet pharmacies and with brick-and-mortar stores. Sometimes, online drugstore prices are significantly higher than those at traditional stores, but with careful research, consumers can find enticing deals.

When comparing prices, it's important to consider more than just the percentage of the discount. For example, one discount online drugstore may offer 15 percent off a prescription that costs $60 US dollars (USD) while another may offer 30 percent off a prescription that costs $70 USD. By considering both the percentage off and the original price, consumers can decide which deal is better; in this case, the latter is the better deal. Additionally, some online drugstores may provide free shipping, which can significantly change the overall cost of an order.

For those who have prescription drug plans, it's important to check which insurance plans a discount online drugstore accepts early in the comparison process. Some Internet drugstores accept several different types of insurance, while other may take only a few. It also helps to determine how the drugstore accepts prescriptions. Many accept prescriptions by mail and fax while others will only accept faxes from doctors. In some cases, doctors can phone online drugstores with prescriptions for their patients.


Another important consideration is whether the consumer already has the prescription in hand. There are some online drugstores that offer remote consultations with licensed physicians who go on to write the required prescriptions for the consumer. While this procedure is legal in some places, it does have its drawbacks. First, it tends to be expensive for the consumer, who has to pay a fee for this service. Second, the consumer's health may be at risk if the online doctor doesn't take a thorough enough medical history.

Last, but not least, consumers should consider the location of the discount online drugstore when attempting to select one. Some people opt to purchase medications from foreign countries, and each country may have different laws for importing medications. In some places, it may be illegal; in others, it's merely considered risky. For example, it may be harder to check the reputation and licensing of a discount online drugstore located in another country, and some foreign pharmacies may be subject to fewer laws than others.



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