How Do I Choose the Best Direct Vent Fireplace?

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If you have ever wanted a fireplace, you can add a direct vent fireplace to almost any living space. This type of gas fireplace vents to the outside through a wall or the roof, so it does not require a chimney. There is no firewood to chop, wood smoke pollution or ashes to clean up. The best gas fireplaces to choose are those that are easy to use, are large enough to heat the area you desire, will burn cleanly and will be a financially sound alternative to other types of fireplaces.

A direct vent gas or propane fireplace is very easy to use. There are different ways to light the artificial fire logs, such as flicking a switch or turning a knob. They often have a switch on the wall similar to a light switch. Some come with a remote control, which might be more convenient but likely will increase the cost. Decide which types of switches you prefer or need, and look for a fireplace that has those types.

When purchasing a direct vent fireplace, you also should consider the space that you are trying to heat. There are several sizes of gas fireplaces from which to choose. The size of the fireplace needed would depend on the size of the area you are attempting to heat. A 10,000 British Thermal Unit (BTU) direct vent fireplace can heat a room that is 500 square feet (46.5 square meters).


The gas fumes are vented to the outside, so the air quality inside a home is not affected by a direct vent fireplace. In fact, the American Lung Association’s recommended guidelines for building healthier homes even feature the direct vent fireplace as being a key source for overall quality and for being good for lung health. The inside air pollution associated with furnaces and wood-burning fireplaces is not a concern with a direct vent fireplace.

The cost associated with a direct vent fireplace installation depends on the size and optional features wanted. The cost of the units themselves typically range from less than $1,000 US Dollars (USD) to more than $4,000 USD. When deciding how much you are willing to spend, keep in mind that a direct vent fireplace might lower your monthly heating costs. Gas fireplaces eliminate drafts and heat losses, making heating costs lower than other fireplaces because there is no flue through which heat can escape.

There are fireplaces made for every décor. Most have logs that closely mimic a real fire, but some do not, so you would need to find out what form of flame each fireplace you are considering has. When you make your final choice, be sure that your direct vent fireplace meets all local zoning rules, regulations and codes.



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