How do I Choose the Best Dermatitis Shampoo?

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Seborrheic dermatitis can result in a flaky, itchy scalp, and sometimes even hair loss, which makes choosing a good dermatitis shampoo important. One of the first details to consider is the active ingredient, as certain substances, such as Zinc PCA, are known for treating the issue. On the other hand, some botanical extracts can help reduce the symptoms of dermatitis, so you should choose a product that also contains at least a few of these. Additionally, keep in mind that it usually takes at least six weeks to treat seborrheic dermatitis, so you should find a shampoo that both smells pleasant and is affordable.

One of the most well-known active ingredients in dermatitis shampoo is Zinc PCA, which can reduce the production of sebum, resulting in a less oily scalp. Another ingredient that can treat this condition is selenium sulfide, which is an anti-infective that is ideal for removing dry flakes from the scalp. Additionally, salicylic acid is helpful in breaking up the flakes on the scalp, and is usually best for severe cases of dermatitis. Any of these dermatitis products should work to treat the condition, but some people find that certain ingredients work best for them, so you may have to try a few types to find the ideal dermatitis shampoo for your scalp.


While some ingredients focus on treating dermatitis, others work to reduce the symptoms when the condition is still present. Botanical extracts are often best for this job, as herbs like ivy, burdock, and sage can help reduce inflammation and flakes. Wheat protein and collagen are known for improving the overall health of the hair follicle. Having any of these ingredients in dermatitis shampoo can allow you to reduce symptoms while waiting for the other active ingredients, such as Zinc PCA, to treat the root of the condition.

Dermatitis can take weeks or even months to cure, which usually means that you will need to buy more than one bottle of dermatitis shampoo to completely eliminate the condition. Thus, purchasing the most expensive one on the market is not usually a good idea, especially since the costliest product is not always the best. Instead, check out reviews on each dermatitis shampoo before you buy, and make sure that you can fit at least a few bottles of it into your budget. Additionally, many people consider the scent of hair products before they buy, and dermatitis shampoo is often no exception. If you are worried about smelling like medication after washing your hair, look for a dermatitis shampoo that uses fragrant herbs to add a pleasant smell without decreasing the effectiveness of the product.



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