How Do I Choose the Best Deodorant Gel?

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Deodorant gel is just one of many different types of deodorants available today. Most major deodorant and antiperspirant manufacturers have one or more types of deodorant gel available. You should choose a brand based on such factors as how dry or wet you prefer your deodorant to feel and whether or not you want wetness control in addition to odor control. Also consider whether you want a natural product, and if you prefer a light or heavy scent. Athletes and people who expect to sweat heavily may want to look for special formulas designed for intense activity.

Underarm deodorant can go on fairly dry, like a stick, or it can feel damp or wet, like a roll-on. For many people, deodorant gel offers a happy medium. It may feel cool, slightly damp and refreshing when it is applied, but most gel formulas are designed to dry quickly. Clear deodorant gels are formulated to be invisible and to dry clear. Unlike some stick brands and sprays, deodorant gel is less likely to leave behind any kind of residue on the skin that can look white or flake off onto clothing.


If you are used to using a stick deodorant and do not like the idea of feeling wet under the arms, look for a deodorant gel that stresses a quick drying time. These products go on in a similar way as stick and roll-on types. Gels typically slide on smoother than sticks without the slick wetness of roll-ons. A variety of deodorant gels are also available in natural and organic formulas. If you want to avoid chemicals, aluminum and products that might be tested on animals, look for natural and cruelty-free deodorant products.

Gel deodorant is usually designed to prevent unpleasant odor without actually stopping wetness. The product is meant to suppress the growth of bacteria on the skin that can lead to a pungent smell. You will probably need to purchase one that is also an antiperspirant if you want to prevent wetness as well as odor. Underarm deodorants may not include ingredients such as aluminum that are used in antiperspirants to trap sweat below the skin. Without these elements, it is unlikely that the product will help keep you from sweating.

Most deodorant gel brands are available in a variety of scents that range from light scents such as fresh rain or sea breeze to very perfumed or strong scents. Choose a type that will not clash with the perfume or cologne you regularly wear. If you have sensitive skin, strong deodorant smells, including musk, heavy florals or spicy varieties, may irritate your skin. Look for gels that are unscented or that contain only natural ingredients if you prefer no scent or a light scent, or if you have skin reactions to products with heavy fragrance ingredients.



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