How do I Choose the Best Defamation Attorney?

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If you think you have a defamation case that you can win, it is time to start searching for a qualified defamation attorney. The first step to finding a good defamation lawyer is getting reviews of local attorneys specializing in this practice, either from friends and family, or the Internet. Once you have a list of local lawyers that can help you sue for defamation, you should set up an initial consultation to find out whether you have a solid case according to the defamation attorney in question. Finally, you will need to review the attorney's history when it comes to past cases so that you have an idea of whether he can win a defamation lawsuit like yours.

The first place to look for local attorneys is your friends and family, as they likely want to help you find the best lawyer possible. They might not have dealt with such a case, but they might know someone who has, and can ask who the lawyer was. You can also go online to get a list of defamation attorneys near you, and many websites even provide reviews of lawyers by past clients. It is advised that you make a short list of the lawyers with the best reviews in this field.


Your next step in finding a defamation attorney should be to set up initial consultations with the lawyers who offer free meetings. Such appointments will not only allow you to get acquainted with each attorney, but also determine whether each one thinks you have a case. The best defamation attorney for you is one that seems to understand your case and believes that it is strong. If it appears that no lawyer that you meet with thinks that you have a strong case, it may be time to reconsider whether the lawsuit is worth going through with.

Before you even meet with a defamation attorney at a consultation, you can usually find out his background. Most lawyers have a website that lists where they went to school, how long they have been practicing, and what makes them the best person for the job. You may also be able to find out any history of defamation cases, and what the outcome was, when you put the lawyer's name in a search engine. Performing this task may help you determine whether you can likely win a defamation lawsuit if you choose the defamation attorney in question.



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Very good and concise description of how to initially go about finding a defamation attorney. Excellent use of brevity in words to get the idea across. Remind me not to defame the writer of this article.

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