How do I Choose the Best Decorative Tile?

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Much like the application of a fresh coat of paint, adding decorative tile to a room in your house can make a major difference in the aesthetics of your living space. Just as you can choose to paint just one wall, or repaint an entire floor of your home, you can choose to use just a few decorative tile or cover an entire swath of your floor or wall with them. Furthermore, decorative tile can be used in combination with monochromatic tile to create a simpler, less busy effect.

When choosing tiles for your home, it is important to consider the color scheme that already exists within your space. You don't want to choose decorative tiles that clash with the colors of your walls, floors, and furnishings. One of the great things about decorative tile is that it can pull together the colors in a room. Say, for example, that you are trying to choose a decorative tile to use on the fireplace in your living room. If you have a tomato red entertainment center, a dark brown couch, hardwood floors, and yellow walls, you might want to consider using a decorative tile that incorporates all of those colors, including the color of your wood floors.


Before you go shopping for decorative tile, take photographs of the rooms and spaces where you plan to use it so that you can compare the colors in the store to the colors in your home. You may want to invest in a few sample tiles that you can take home with you. This way, you can see how the colors look in different lights. This is an especially good idea if you are planning on using many of the tiles for a large project. You don't want to tile an entire floor or wall just to find out that the colors within the tiles don't work in the way that you had envisioned.

If you are planning on an overhaul of your home's style, you don't need to be as concerned with matching the colors that already exist on your walls and furniture. Be sure, before beginning, that you have a clear idea of the colors that you want to use. It is advisable to work with paint swatches, tile samples, and fabric cuttings. Once you have these, you can begin choosing your new decor and find the perfect decorative tile to perfectly tie together your new space.



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