How Do I Choose the Best Decorative Throw Pillow?

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Choosing the best decorative throw pillow is a matter of picking a style and color that suit the room the pillow will be used in. Other factors like quality, washability, and price should be considered as well. A decorative throw pillow can be used to accent a bedroom, living room, or any room that needs an extra burst of color and comfort. Some decorative throw pillow fabrics are suitable for outdoor use and can be used at a pool or garden.

Selecting a pillow color that matches or complements the room furnishings will help ensure that the piece matches the rest of the room. The right pillow can help pull a room together even if the furniture is not perfectly matched. The shape of the pillow can mimic the lines of the existing furniture or contrast with them, depending on the look desired.

Throw pillows come in a huge variety of fabrics, allowing the home decorator to choose the perfect pillow for any location. Prints from loud, bold graphics to simple allover geometric designs can dress up bland furniture or bedding, while solid colors in any hue can accent patterned furnishings. A decorative throw pillow can have clean, finished edges or be finished with tassels, fringe, or other upholstery trim.


The quality of a decorative throw pillow can be determined by looking at the fabric and the workmanship. Better pillows are generally made with thick, good-quality fabric. Most quality models feature a removable cover around a fluffy base. The removable cover allows the pillow to be laundered or dry cleaned without damaging or compressing the center filling.

A poor-quality decorative throw pillow is usually not a good investment. Fabric that is too thin can rip or tear easily and may be damaged by cleaning. Poor-quality filler means that the pillow won't rebound well if it is actually used. Purchasing better-quality pillows may be more expensive at first, but these are usually a worthwhile investment. A lesser-quality decorative throw pillow may need to be replaced after a short time.

Some rooms or pieces of furniture need more than a single decorative throw pillow. If cost is a consideration, the number of pillows needed should be used to determine the budget per pillow. Purchasing holiday throw pillows may help keep the total room cost down; plain pillows in holiday colors can be used to accent a room year-round.



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