How do I Choose the Best Data Recovery Software?

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Data recovery software is important to the process of retrieving electronic files that are lost due to a computer crash or some event that leads to the accidental deletion of important files. In the past, the process of recovering data from a damaged hard drive or server was handled by companies that specialized in this type of file recovery. Today, it is possible to purchase software that can often extract and help reconstruct at least some types of information. In order to select the best data recovery software for your needs, it is important to consider each option in terms of functionality, compatibility, and cost.

Not all data recovery software is appropriate for every situation. Some of these software programs will only extract information that is was saved in specific formats. Most will retrieve word processing documents, spreadsheets and similar files. Others may also have the capability to salvage images, videos and slide presentations that were saved on the crashed server or computer hard drive. Make sure any data recovery software you select can work with the types of data you want to extract and your chances of getting back at least a good percentage of the lost files is greatly improved.


Along with considering the ability to retrieve data in the original formats, you also want to think in terms of the compatibility of the data recovery software with your operating system. In order to achieve the best results, make sure the software is designed to make the most of the operating system on the damaged machine. Many recovery products are designed to work with the more popular operating systems, including the most recent releases. If you run an older operating system, it may take some additional effort to find a product that is compatible, but the results will be worth the time and effort.

Cost is also important when selecting data recovery software. While there are relatively inexpensive programs that may be fine for home use, most of these are limited in scope and are not likely to be a good fit for a business setting. Be prepared to spend a little more in order to obtain the range of services and support needed to successfully retrieve payables and receivables information, sales databases, client lists, and other information that is essential to the ongoing operation of the business. Before making a purchase, consider the data you want to recover if at all possible and look for the product that has the capability to manage the task at the most competitive. Keep in mind that even the best data recovery software cannot perform miracles, and it may be necessary to call in the experts in order to extract a larger portion of the information trapped on the crashed equipment.



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