How do I Choose the Best Data Mining Course?

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The best data mining course includes training in database analysis, overview of the most common business intelligence software products, and several case studies. Data mining is a process used to identify patterns in data. The data itself can range from customer transactions to the results of a scientific study. This method is typically utilized on very large sets of data, and often requires the use of specialized data mining or business intelligence software.

A data mining course is typically offered through either a software supplier or a post-secondary institute. Take the time to read the course description with care, to make sure that it meets all your needs. If there are any prerequisites, make sure you have completed these courses. The concepts required to understand data mining techniques, risks, and benefits are quite complex. The course will be more educational and enjoyable if you have the background required.


When reviewing the different data mining course options, find out what software package will be used in class. This type of material is best absorbed through the completion of exercises and business cases. Learn the name of the software to be used, and find out if access will be provided to students after hours. This type of software is designed for large corporations and organizations and is priced as such. Remote access will allow students to complete assignments and practice concepts without having to be in the classroom. Find out if there is a resource or access fee associated with this service.

Talk to the program administrator about the qualifications of the instructor. At a bare minimum, he or she should have at least five years dedicated experience working in data mining. Academic qualifications in statistics or information technology is great, but the most valuable factor will be working experience. Instructors who have worked in the field will be able to provide real life examples, make the material relevant, and provide tricks and tips about the software.

Database analysis techniques require a firm understanding of database architecture, relational databases, how to write database queries, and basic programming logic. This information is mostly theoretical and fairly easy to understand. Take the time to review the material in detail and make sure you can draw parallels between the theory and the application. A data mining course is a great way to transition your career into business intelligence, which is a growing field. The demand for skills in this area is expected to increase significantly in the next five to seven years.



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