How Do I Choose the Best Daily Exfoliator?

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Exfoliation is a process by which dead skin cells are removed to uncover fresh, new skin underneath. This process can be rough, similar to using sandpaper on your skin, if you are not careful. If you plan to use a daily exfoliator, it is important to find a gentle option that will not damage your skin. There are daily exfoliator gels, lotions, scrubs, cloths, and tools that you can use yourself. You can also have a chemical treatment done by a professional, to keep your skin fresh, clean, healthy, and young looking.

When choosing a daily exfoliator, you will want to find an option that makes skin care a pleasant experience. There are many alluring scents and fragrances available and you can choose from a mild relaxing regimen or something more invigorating. While most people do not want to feel like they are scraping their face with a sander, some people do prefer the more strenuous options. If so, be sure to follow the directions carefully and don’t overdo it.

Exfoliants are made from a variety of ingredients. You may have heard of some of them, such as alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids. These options are often used in professional treatments but are now also available in lower potency formulas without a prescription.


Several types of scrubs contain natural elements that are used as mild abrasives, such as apricot seeds. A daily exfoliator may also be used to help clear up acne or to lessen the appearance of scars produced by former blemishes. Some people make homemade scrubs by adding salt or sugar to cleansers. Others may use a paste made of baking soda.

You can choose from loofahs and other bath sponges or a number of different special body cloths. An exfoliating glove may also be useful. There are also soft brushes available, and it is often recommended that you start with a brush and brush away the first layer of dead cells before you begin your daily exfoliating treatment.

For a facial scrub, one of the above may work great, or you may seek a recommendation from your dermatologist. For other areas of the body, such as elbows, you might prefer a scrub that contains pumice. For feet, a pumice stone is a good daily exfoliator option.

Using a daily exfoliator too often or too roughly will irritate your skin. Use a gentle scrubbing motion to cleanse away dirt and oil and to uncover a new layer of skin. Rinse thoroughly. Stop use at least temporarily if your skin becomes irritated. Don’t forget to use a good moisturizer after exfoliation, to help re-hydrate your skin.



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