How Do I Choose the Best Cylinder Vase?

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To choose the best cylinder vase your primary concern should be what you will be using it for. If you are planning to display decorative rocks along with flowers, for example, you would probably want to purchase a vase that is transparent. If you are going to display just flowers, you can choose a cylinder vase made from a variety of materials. Other factors to consider are whether you want a single cylinder vase or a whole set, as well as how big or small the vase or vases should be. Price may be another key consideration when making your choice.

A cylinder vase can used to display flowers and many other items, or as a decoration without anything in it. In addition to holding flowers, a cylinder vase can be used to display things like colored rocks or candles. If you are going to display something within the body of the cylinder vase, you will obviously want a vase made of glass or other transparent material. The advantage to having a glass or crystal cylinder vases is they can easily be used to display many things and won’t clash with the colors of any flowers you place in them.


Colored cylinder vases, as well as vases made out of other materials, can make wonderful displays for flowers because they highlight the tops of the flowers and can create eye-catching color combinations. These vases are quite common, and are available in a variety of materials including clay, ceramic, glass and crystal, although glass is probably the easiest to find. If you are going to use the vase as a decoration, you can choose a wonderful clay or ceramic vase with colors to match your décor.

One advantage to cylinder vases being such a common style is that they come in a variety of heights and widths. The vases can be up to several feet tall in some cases. They often come in sets, allowing you to purchase multiple vases that are the same size or a number of them in several different shapes and sizes. Many that come in sets can be purchased for bulk prices at a discount.

You can find cylinder vases in a variety of shops, discount stores, yard sales and garage sales. If you want to find a large set, checking online is a good bet, particularly if you are looking for simple glass varieties. Ceramic and clay cylinder vases are also available online, but you can also check artisan shops or specialty stores to find that special, unique vase.



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