How Do I Choose the Best Custom Mantel?

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A custom mantel can be made to your specifications, but there are several things you need to consider. The design of your custom mantel can be contemporary or traditional, and you will have various styles to choose from. The type of wood or other materials you choose for your custom fireplace will be important decisions as well. You will also need to know the exact dimensions required for your custom mantel.

If you are looking for a full fireplace mantel to replace an existing one, it is essential to take accurate measurements. If you do not have a mantel, you'll have to take measurements of the entire area of your fireplace. If you are not certain how to accomplish this, consult a professional mantel or fireplace expert. You may also find charts and diagrams that you can refer to online.

When choosing your custom mantel, consider whether you need the entire fireplace mantel or simply a shelf. If you need a full mantel, you need to consider several factors. The shelf, however, can be an addition to your existing mantel or used as an accent piece. Mantel shelves are typically constructed of wood, and you can choose from several varieties to match your room decor.


The materials used to construct your new custom mantel are other important aspects to consider. You can choose a traditional wood fireplace mantel or something more elaborate, such as cast stone, granite, marble, or slate. The marble and slate varieties work well with modern or contemporary room decor. Choosing these materials can offer more versatility, with the option of selecting from various colors. Keep in mind that some materials, such as stone or marble, require routine maintenance, such as using some type of protective sealant.

Perhaps you'd like something traditional, such as a handcrafted wood fireplace mantel design. If so, choose the type of wood that coordinates with your furnishings. Many wood mantels come assembled, although you might be able to have your mantel assembled for a fee.

Installation of your new mantel is another thing to consider. Some mantels are basic, while other designs are more complicated to install. Consider this when you choose your new custom mantel design. If you are inexperienced, it may be worth the money to have a professional install your fireplace mantel. If you plan on installing the custom mantel yourself, refer to the installation instructions you will be given when you purchase your new mantel.



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