How do I Choose the Best Curtain Lights?

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Curtain lights, often called fairy lights or Christmas lights, are often used during holidays, special occasions, or simply to decorate a room. Choosing the right curtain lights is a matter of finding ones that will create the effect you want and will be safe to use while hanging on or near your curtains. You also want to use a set of lights that will not burn out easily and offer replacement bulbs for when they do burn out.

One common use of curtain lights is as Christmas decorations. These lights are often seen in windows where the holiday is celebrated, and come in multiple sizes and colors. Although they are associated with holidays, they can be used for any occasion. Many stores, both online and in brick-and-mortar locations, carry these types of lights.

If you choose to use these types of lights, make sure they are what you need. Many of them blink on and off, and others stay on constantly. You should be sure that you have the right type for your needs. Another thing to consider is how the circuit is arranged. Some curtain lights are arranged in bunches of circuits, so if one bulb stops working, all the rest in the series do too. Make sure to check the packaging or ask the seller if that is the case.


Another commonly used curtain light is the fairy light, which is a set of typically white lights used for weddings or other special occasions. They add a simple, elegant mood to any environment, which is why they are used so often. They work very similarly to the lights in Christmas lights.

When choosing any curtain lights, make sure that they will fit your curtains properly. Many are arranged in a specific pattern, so taking a measurement of your curtain will help avoid a mismatch in size. Most lights will give the length of each strand of lights as well as what they will fit, so be sure and check the package or specifics listed if they are sold online. Some lights can be used outside but some can only be used inside, so be sure and check for that if you ever want to use the curtain lights in an outdoor environment.

There are other options available for curtain lights other than the traditional strand-style. Some lights can attach to the curtain rod or wall, and can create a nice pattern of light when aimed at the curtains. These types of curtain lights are typically not as available, so you might need to check with a specialty lighting store to find them.



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