How Do I Choose the Best Curly Wig?

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People with curly hair tend to want straight and people with straight hair tend to want theirs to be curly. With wigs, you can have the best of both worlds. When choosing one, keep in mind that the best curly wig is the one that makes you look and feel great.

You will want to examine the style of the wig, the color of the hair, the type of hair from which it is made, and the type of curl. Decide if long, short, loose, or tight curls are best for you. If you aren’t up for trying on every single wig that appeals to you, you can hold several different styles near your face to get an idea of how they will look. You can also try out one of those makeover sites where you can use your own picture to compare a variety of hairstyles.

If you are purchasing a curly wig for limited use such as for a special occasion or to wear with a costume, you can be a bit less particular. If you plan to wear the wig on a regular basis, there are some important things to keep in mind and comfort is one of them. In addition, make sure the curly wig you are interested in fits you well and stays in place. There is nothing worse than a wig that goes askew.


Caring for a curly wig is also important. Some types can be re-curled to create a new look while others cannot. It is important to know the difference so you don’t damage your wig. Also, follow cleaning and brushing instructions precisely to keep your curly wig in good condition. Some wigs can be brushed but others may require special tools.

You will also need a good place to store your wig when not in use. A wig stand will help retain shape and style. Also, you may wish to lightly cover your wig with breathable fabric to keep it free from dust. Do not store wigs near heat sources.

If you don’t particularly want people to notice that you are wearing a wig, try to choose one that is as much like your own hair as possible. Similar length, style, and color will be important attributes. On the other hand, if you are going for an all out change, go wild and pick a curly wig that looks completely different from the way you normally wear your hair.



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