How do I Choose the Best Course for Learning Data Mining?

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When selecting the best course for learning data mining, think about your personal learning style, total course cost and time commitment. Data mining is an information technology skill used to evaluate the current data stored in a large computer system and use it to provide useful, relevant information to a range of business users. This skill is forecast to experience above average growth over the next five to 10 years.

Data mining courses are available through a range of university, community college and online schools. There is no degree or diploma program specifically on data mining. Instead, these courses are embedded into computer system analysis, data architect or business intelligence programs. When looking to select a course, take the time to read the course prerequisite. The level of detail and theory in the course is quite complex, and students without the appropriate background will soon become lost.

There are four different personal learning styles: visual, auditory, group and independent. Visual learners require graphics, images, data maps and other tools to understand complex concepts, such as those common to data mining. Auditory learners absorb information best from lectures, audio files and speeches. Group learners enjoy interacting with others and benefit from working together to cover new material. Independent learners prefer to take complex material away to review until absorbed.


Think about the most successful course you have every completed and determine which learning style works best for you. Students who are visual or group learners should register for classroom courses, as this improves their chanced of success. Auditory and independent learners can complete online courses. Learning data mining is not a small undertaking, and aligning your personal style with the course delivery method improves your motivation and chances of success.

When learning data mining, most programs utilize data mining or business intelligence software. Review the cost of the course with care to determine if the price for this software is included or if it needs to be purchased separately. Look for educational discounts on this type of software or courseware versions, which have a reduced list of features.

The concepts of relational databases, data integrity and system architecture are all quite complex, requiring significant time and effort to learn. Successful students arrange their commitments to ensure there is sufficient time allocated to learning data mining concepts. It is worth noting that a strong fundamental base is absolutely essential to making any progress in this field.



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