How Do I Choose the Best Countertop Rotisserie?

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A new countertop rotisserie can be a great addition to any kitchen. Food prepared using a rotisserie can be a tender and delicious treat and this tool can make preparing it simple. You will need to make sure that the size is appropriate both for the types of food you would like to prepare as well as for the space in which the unit will be contained. You will also want great features that ensure safety, ease of use, ease of clean-up, and various accessories, depending upon your specific needs. Keep in mind that horizontal and vertical rotisseries may not offer the same cooking quality.

When choosing an appliance such as a countertop rotisserie, the first consideration should be safety. Check out the safety features that are available and compare them as you examine different options. Selecting a countertop rotisserie that offers an automatic shut-off if the unit should tip over or overheat is a good option. You may also wish to look for a safety lock that will keep anyone else from changing the temperature setting, especially if small children are present. It is also wise to make sure there has not been a recall or safety notice issued regarding the unit you are interested in purchasing.


When it comes to size, it makes sense to measure the area in which you plan to place your new countertop rotisserie. Take the measurements with you when you go shopping. Be sure to allow plenty of space between the unit and walls or overhanging cabinets. You don’t want the unit to be too close to the edge of the countertop either.

It is also probably a good idea to measure, or look up the measurements of the units you are interested in so you can ensure that the countertop rotisserie is large enough to cook the items you hope to prepare. Most countertop rotisserie units are designed for smaller pieces of meat, not giant turkeys. If you try to cook meat that is too bulky for the unit, it will most likely burn on the outside before the inside can cook thoroughly.

Some customers prefer a countertop rotisserie with a horizontal spit to the vertical design. The food prepared seemed to retain more moisture and flavor when using the former. Comparing consumer and professional reviews can be an excellent option for helping you choose the best unit.



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