How Do I Choose the Best Cotton Pillow Case?

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The best cotton pillow case many vary depending on your individual taste and the features that are most important to you. Generally, the best pillow cases are made from 100-percent cotton, feature a pleasing color or design, and are well constructed. The thread count of the cotton fabric used to create the pillow case will play a role in the quality of the overall pieces as well. Choosing a cotton pillow case that is the right size for your pillows helps ensure that you will like the finished result when you begin using the pillow case.

Check the tag of any pillow case you are considering. Many bedding items that are labeled cotton are often a cotton and polyester blend. Some actually have a very low cotton content, so reading the tag will help you determine the makeup of the piece. Look for a cotton pillow case that is labeled 100-percent cotton for best results. If you prefer organic items, then the labeling should reflect the use of organic cotton and disclose any other fibers included in the pillow case fabric.


Choosing a single cotton pillow case or a pillow-case pair in a color you like or that matches your other bedding is a good way to make sure you will be happy with your purchase. Consider buying more than one pillow case if you find a color, style, or brand you are happy with; having extras means you'll always have a fresh cotton pillow case available, even if you haven't had time to do the laundry.

If possible, turn the cotton pillow case inside out and take a look at the seams. The pillow case should have finished or hidden seams without exposed raw edges. Any embroidery or monogram work should look almost as good from the back as it does from the front. There should not be any loose threads or raw thread ends showing. A cotton pillow case that features-good quality construction is likely to stand up well to repeated use and washings.

Double-checking the pillow-case dimensions against your pillows is a good idea. If you have king-sized pillows at home, you will have a difficult time inserting them into a standard-size cotton pillow case. The thread count of the case in question should be checked as well; usually, the higher the thread count number, the better quality the case. Thread counts can vary from 150 threads per inch to over 1,000 threads per inch.



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