How Do I Choose the Best Cottage Hot Tub?

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A cottage is usually a small dwelling that is set in a rural environment, but the modern use of the term may refer to structures of various sizes. When choosing a cottage hot tub, you will first need to consider the size of the structure and the amount of available space you can commit to the unit. Smaller cottage hot tub models are usually preferred for space savings and convenience, but larger cottages or cottages with large yards may be able to accommodate larger tubs. Think about how many people are likely to use the tub, as well as how regularly the tub will be used.

Once you determine the size of your cottage hot tub, you will need to think about how that tub will be heated. Several heating options exist, and an electric heater is the most common. Acrylic hot tubs usually use electric heaters for convenience and efficiency, but not all cottages will have electrical outlets to which the cottage hot tub can be hooked up. If this is the case, you may want to consider a cedar tub that is heated with wood or propane. A wood fired tub can be placed in any location, and the operational costs will be very low, but water temperature can fluctuate and the wood fired cottage hot tub will generally require more maintenance.


A propane-heated tub is easier to use than a wood fired tub, and it can provide a more consistent water temperature, but a gas line will be necessary. If a gas line is not available, a propane tank can be used, but once the propane runs out, the tub will again go cold. Like wood fired tubs, a propane cottage hot tub will require more maintenance than an acrylic tub with an electric heater. When the propane is turned off, the water will cool, and in colder temperatures, the water can freeze.

The best cottage hot tub will include a heavy-duty cover that will keep debris and animals out of the tub when it is not in use. Other features to look for on the tub include easy to use controls for heat, air jets, and even lights. Some tubs feature in-water lights that will make the use of the tub easier at night. The tub should also include a set of stairs or a ladder to make entry into the tub safer and easier. If a stairway or step is not included, it is a wise decision to buy one to include with the tub.



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