How do I Choose the Best Corner Wardrobe?

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Corner wardrobes are available in a variety of styles and prices. The best choice for you will address your storage needs, fit your space and your budget, and complement the aesthetic design of the surrounding room. Finding the right corner wardrobe will probably take several hours of searching even after you've determined your specific requirements. The work will be worth it, however, as you will likely spend a significant amount of money for a piece of furniture that should last you a lifetime.

Before you begin shopping, assess the area where you wish to place the wardrobe. Measure the maximum height, depth, and width. Don't forget to take heating registers, windows, or doors that open into the space into account. The corner wardrobe will also have doors, so check to see how much space you can allow for the doors to open comfortably. A wardrobe that is inaccessible is a wardrobe that will be rarely used, so don't spend your money on one that is too big for the available space.

The wardrobe should reflect the overall style of the room. Many styles work well with each other, such as traditional and antique, or contemporary and minimalist. Even if you can't find a wardrobe that fits your exact style, you may be able to find one which blends in with the decor.


Consider the colors of the room and how you want the corner with the wardrobe to appear. If you want it to be a focal point or accent, then the color of the corner wardrobe should complement the wall. If it's a light colored wall, choose a dark wardrobe. If you choose a wood stain, consider the color of any wood in the room, and keep the wardrobe in the same color family.

Along with the overall style, you should consider your storage needs. Decide whether you want open shelves, drawers, glass doors, or any additional features. This will help you decide on your final purchase.

After determining the size and the style, you need to decide on a price range. If the wardrobe is an accent piece, be conservative. You should use most of your decorating budget to buy items that are frequently used, as these need to be of the highest quality to endure constant wear and tear.

With measurements, style and budget in mind, begin looking for a wardrobe. You might find corner wardrobes through online retailers, catalogs, furniture superstores, flea markets, or antique shops. If you cannot find a wardrobe in the style and color that you would like, you might be able to have one built by a furniture craftsman.

If at all possible, view the item before you purchase it. Pictures in catalogs and online typically show the best possible view of a piece of furniture. It is up to the buyer to inspect the piece for scuffs, dents, loose knobs and hinges, quality of material, and overall appearance. If you must purchase online, try to find a local retailer who will allow to see the corner wardrobe before you buy it.



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