How do I Choose the Best Core Training DVD?

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The best core training DVD for you will depend on your goals and your current fitness level. How much time and money you want to spend on your workout may also come into play. There are numerous workout DVDs available that promise to burn belly fat and tone abs, but the best core workouts will include exercises that work all of the core muscles, not just the abs.

First thing to consider when choosing a core training DVD is what your goal for core training is and how that fits into your overall training plan. Core strength is an important part of overall fitness, and having a stronger core also improves performance in other athletic activities. It can be important, therefore, to ensure that the core training DVD you choose incorporates exercises that work all of your core muscles. This includes not just the abdominals, but also lower back muscles and obliques, as well.

If your training goal is to gain fitness, basic core training that works all these muscle groups may be your best option. For people who are training heavily for a specific sport, it may be best to to talk to a coach or to other athletes. This can help you find out what types of core training are especially important for your particular sport.


Another consideration is your overall fitness level. If you are just beginning a training plan, you may want to choose a core training DVD that offers multiple workouts at different fitness levels, so that you can increase the difficulty of your core workout as your fitness increases. In contrast, if you are already quite fit, you will want to make sure the core workout you choose is difficult enough to challenge your muscles.

You will probably want to look at what equipment is required to do the exercises on a core training DVD, as well. Most DVDs should have this listed somewhere on the DVD case. Whether or not you want to spend extra money on equipment for your workout may be a factor in which DVD you choose.

Increasing your core strength does not have to mean you have to have workouts that focus specifically on your core. You may find that it is most efficient to incorporate core exercises into cardio or strength-training workouts; some workout DVDs have routines that do this. Yoga and Pilates are especially known for their effectiveness at strengthening and toning the core while providing a total body workout.



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