How do I Choose the Best Copywriting Program?

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Choosing the right copywriting program is not difficult once you figure out exactly where you’d like your career to go. There are many sub-fields of copywriting. Most of them require the same basic training and skills, but some may require you to obtain more specialized training. Web writing, ad writing, speech writing, grant writing, and many other fields comprise the copywriting genre. To choose the best copywriting program, start by identifying your goals and choosing a course that targets them precisely.

Many copywriters do not receive specialized training. In many cases, reading books and practicing on a self-taught basis is all that is needed to enter this career field. Keep in mind, however, that even those who are not formally educated in copywriting must still maintain a high level of performance. If you feel that reading books on copywriting techniques is not enough for you to acquire the skills you will need, you may consider attending college courses or a targeted copywriting program.

Some writers do not study copywriting directly, but instead obtain college degrees in marketing or advertising. These majors teach basic and complex concepts in marketing and business communication, and will be of much assistance to the budding copywriter. Generally, if you would like to work for an ad agency, a four-year degree in one of these majors is the best course of action.


You may also decide to take a copywriting program online through one of many providers. Often, experienced copywriters will pass on their experience by creating training courses for new professionals. They usually cover topics to help students learn to write effective marketing copy as well as how to start a business as a copywriter. These courses can be quite helpful for anyone who wishes to write ads, sales letters, brochures, and other sales materials.

Copywriting jobs that require more targeted know-how include grant, resume, and speech writing positions. Although having a way with words is the most important skill for any copywriter to have, writing a grant proposal or a speech is very different from most ad copy. Knowing the correct formatting and wording is important, so you should take a copywriting program that teaches these things specifically.

Many times grant writing firms or self-employed writers will offer training to anyone interested in writing grant proposals as a profession. You can find these programs by searching online, or by speaking with local non-profits and asking who their grant writer is. If you can find a local grant writer, you may be able to get a face to face consultation.

Resume and speech writing may only require a few books that display proper formatting, along with a raw talent for writing. If you wish to study with someone who has experience, search online for programs suited for these fields. You may also find a local speech writing or resume writer to help you.

Once you have chosen a program that will help you meet your career goals, you should also consider the price and effectiveness of each program. Although courses written by well known copywriters do not automatically guarantee success, they may be more reliable than one written by someone you’ve never heard of. You should also choose a program that is within your budget. More expensive programs may be much more extensive in content, so don’t rule out an option just because it has a steep price tag. On the other hand, don’t spend more than you can afford if a smaller program would be good enough to get your started.



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